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12/22/2001 - Sue's Comments on her hometown Shenyang


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12/22/2001 - Sue's Comments about her hometown

Sue's comments about her hometown: I am extreme surprised about my hometown. I can't recognize anything here. It is a total consumer's markets. Shops are everywhere and everything you can buy in the states you can buy here. Japanese electronics products are more expensive here. Domestic products are very cheap. Shopping malls are at least five stories high and there are many of them. Berthold is amazed how many shoes they are selling. The entire floor of a mall is dedicated to shoes. I am excited about the food. I have hard time to decide what I want to eat. I actually want to eat them all. Berthold said that we need to buy extra seats when we go back. We are too over weight now.

Berthold noticed that we have not had any rice yet since we got here. Every night we would go out to parties with my relatives in hotel restaurants. After eating, everyone will sing karaoke. It is a fashion here now. From 2 years old to 70 years old, everyone will perform. Four of us really looked untalented among these people. At the first night, I did manage to sing some old songs with the help of my sister, the songs from the 80's. I think I will be embarrassed to see the tapes now.

The weather is cold but there is no snow yet. Pollution is very bad. Thick black air covers the sky of Shenyang. We had dinner at the province TV and Radio tower to celebrate my brother's birthday today. There we had chance to see the whole city in the dark. It is beautiful. Under the tower, there is a river which flows across the city. It is not a river anymore but an ice skating arena now.

We will be here another two days then we will g
o to Beijing on a sleeping train. The train leaves Shenyang at 9 pm and arrives Beijing at 7 am. We will try to write again. As much as we enjoyed here, we are ready to leave to start o ur adoption journey soon.