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1/12/2002 - Hong Kong


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1/12/2002 - Hong Kong

It was hot day in Hongkong. After we settled in our hotel which is just next to the airport through a walk way, we took the train to downtown Hongkong. We had no plan as where to go except that Joshua wanted to see the Bank of China building. The building was unique. We had a snack there. Anna enjoyed her banana on the red coach. After the snack, we were about to open a bank account for Joshua as he thought that would be cool. Unfortunately, Anna had different agenda. We had rush to a bathroom because she just had just soiled her diaper and there was no bathroom (for public use) in Bank of China. We walked three block to Citibank building to change her diaper.

Not far away from the bank buildings, there were a beautiful park. We saw two couples taking wedding photos there. We played and relaxed there for a few hours. Before dinner, we took the tram up to the highest point of Hongkong to have a good view of entire Hongkong. This was our way to tour the city in one way. We picked a simple place for dinner. It was nice. Joshua was dying for some real food. He ordered noodle with tomato sauce. It was not that Italian food he had in mind. Luckily, we were able to pick up some good snack on the street at night market.

We took the ferry to the night market. There were shopping streets. We would have spent more time and money there if we were not dying to go home and concetrned about our lugages being too heavy. Maybe next time. We will be back!!