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1/2/2002 - 3rd Day with Anna


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1/2/2002 - 3rd Day with Anna

We were supposed to meet at 10:00 am to go to a park. 6 out of 8 families were late. Obviously we were one of them. Getting ready to go out is worst than before. Toby and Joshua have been always slow in getting ready to go out. Now with a little one, it is just terrible. Packing bottles, diapers, medicines, food…. Just to name a few. We were not the only one. 6 other families were also late. We decided to leave at 10:30 instead.

The park was very crowded. We managed to get in with thousands of pairs of eyes following us. There were many so-called Chinese clothes police, typically middle age to elderly women, who complained about our baby's clothes. It seemed that we never dressed them enough to meet the Chinese standards (3-5 layers of clothese!!).

We had good time despite the fact that we hardly move without a trail of people following us. Some of them even enjoy taking photos with us. On the next day, we found our group was on the local newspaper. The title said "The park activity was so successful that it even attracted foreigners"

Some of people from our group were on the front cover of Hefei local newspaper. The description of the purpose of their arrival was very deceiving!! The Party at the Park attracted "foreigners"  

During the New Year celebration, Hefei Tourist Park was a very exciting place to be. The park was crowded with many tourists. No one wanted to missed out to the attraction of the first dragon performance by China Wuqiao Acrobat Team.. It also attracted many foreigners.