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We had decided early in our marriage that we would have some biological kids and some adopted ones. After having two boys, we had decided if we would like to have a girl, we would adopt. With two busy boys, we did not have much time to think about adoption. As the boys got older and we had more free time, the idea of adoption surfaced again. Unfortunately we did not know how.

In the summer of 2000, one of our friends had adopted a little girl from China. Thank to her openness, we learned a lot from her about China adoption. We then did some research and made some phone calls to more people who had adopted from China. We started our adoption process in the summer of 2000.

We sent in our documents to China in October 2000. After more than one year of waiting, on November 13, 2001, we finally got the call. We became the new parents to a little girl from Huainan, Hefei, China. We fell instantly in love with her once we we show her picture. One month later, we were on our way to pick her up.

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Huain, Guangping
DOB: 4/22/2000
Huainan City, Hefei Province
People's Republic of China

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